Gift Ideas: Exotic Fish vs Saltwater Fish Tank

After browsing through a great ‘gift list’ over at, it brought to mind that you really need to understand the person your gift is going too. I have a great interest in having fishes as pets and thought I would share my recommendations for choosing the right type of fish tank.

The best gift is always a unique gift that the receiver was not expecting. Something like a fish tank would melt the heart of everyone. It
lets them keep marine life right in the heart of their living room. It takes nature from the wild waters, and brings it into the domestic confinement of their homes.But first, there are two types of fish tanks; exotic fish tanks vs saltwater fish tanks.

What do you choose then?

81IUqcJkrQL._SL1500_Exotic Fish Tanks

For aesthetic purposes, one would go for an exotic breed of fish since they are rich in vibrant color patterns. It’s the color that one notices whenever they turn their focus on the fish aquarium. Exotic breeds may exist in both fresh and salty water. Even though their living conditions may vary a lot, some breeds can still co-exist as a community in one tank.

Therefore, if you’re considering the option of getting an aquarium for someone; either for keeping of exotic fish or saltwater fish, you’d need to consider a few factors.  The thing is, fresh water tanks are easier to maintain, and are even much more ”forgiving” whenever one makes a mistake. Furthermore, De-chlorinated tap water can always be used to fill up the tank or make periodic water changes easily. Test kits are also available so the fish keeper can ensure everything is in order.

Any fish that thrives in fresh water is not very particular about the environment in which it swims. Most of them should do well in balanced or neutral PH, though water temperature is very important. This means a good heater should be bought alongside the tank since a cheap one will make the fish keeper lose all their fish. And generally, the cost of freshwater aquariums is much less than that of saltwater tanks. The only thing that can set you back is the cost of filters, lighting, and other items that go together with the tank.

Lastly, most freshwater exotic fish are less expensive compared to saltwater fish, not unless you are considering the option of going really exotic with fish species like Arrowanna, Discus, or freshwater rays.

Saltwater Fish Tanks
These tanks give hours of spectacular view and pleasure, though they require hard work. That’s why every beginner who wants to keep tropical fish will always go for the freshwater tank instead.

A saltwater fish is very particular with its environment. The keeper needs to take care of the smallest details to ensure its survival. But once they get used to the environment, their activities should resemble what happens in a small section of the ocean.

Again, everything should revolve around keeping the correct level of salinity. These creatures are costly, and you can’t afford to replace them all the time. The fish keeper would either need to live near the sea so they can collect natural sea water, or else, make that water using synthetic sea-salt blends.

These are available in the market, and even though the price came down, they are still way above the reach of most fish keepers.  Special attention need to be paid on protein builders which ensure the water is free from pollutants. And if live coral is to be kept in perfect condition, proper lighting should be invested in. This clearly means spending more.

Otherwise, if the person intending to keep fish has had previous experience with both fish species, they are free to choose whatever they want. But if they are first-timers, they should only go with exotic freshwater tanks instead.

Pet Lover Stories – Are You A Good Pet Lover?

Pet Lover Stories 2It’s no secret that pets enhance our humanity and our in inherent goodness and optimism. Pets can speak straight to our souls, most of the time far better than other humans can. Such is the bond between people and their pets, there are actually several books that compile different pet lover stories. You can find some book titles on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

If you want a recommendation, however, we suggest that you read pet lover stories edition of the wildly successful Chicken Soup collection. It relates the strong bonds that pets have with their masters, and how the lives of those masters have been transformed by those pets.

However, we all know that not all pet stories end in a happy ending. Every single day, dogs of numerous breeds become stray dogs and are brought to animal shelters. If their owner doesn’t arrived to claim them within 48 hours, the dogs are then put up for sale to adoption. Each dog in a dog shelter has its own background and story, however they all have one thing in common – they need loving and caring houses.

Of course, there are many responsible pet owners out there that truly treat their pets as a member of their family. These people even go as far as buying plenty of plush squeaky toys and goodies to ensure that their pets are happy.
But really, you don’t need to buy any of the fancy stuff in order to make you a good pet owner.

Pet Lover Stories 3

Pet enthusiasts know that proper care of their pets, making certain that they’re not troubled by ticks and flicks, the most basic job of a good pet owner. However, using dangerous chemicals to get rid of these is really a health risk for the pets. And so the second duty of a responsible pet owner is to use organic repellents which are impressive in getting rid of ticks and flicks, and making their pets smell great too.

Not all people are enthusiastic about raising pets. Some even wonder what’s the big deal is about raising pets, however, the truth is that pet enthusiasts live longer. They have known for a very long time that getting a dog brings
great happiness and hence, great health.

There’s an expression that goes like this: You can’t pick your loved ones, except when you are getting a dog.
Science are only beginning to study why having a pet is valuable.

For pet enthusiasts, however, the special bond between their pet is one thing that only the owner of a pet (whether it’s a dog or cat) can truly understand. Happily, the rush of social networks has produced a wave of so-called petworking sites, where fellow pet owners can use to connect and swap stories with each other. Your pet-centered social media trend is actually very popular that ten percent of pets have their very own YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Twitter account. Sounds amazing? It is.

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